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Theraputic Massage

    Relaxing massage that balances the mind/body/energy.  This can be catered to you...deeper in areas where attention is needed. Aroma therapy can be incorporated upon request.

    Deeper treatment work is also available with the intention of really working out the trouble areas using trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques , and passive stretching.

Prenatal and Postnatal

    Ladies, you get to lay on your belly for once during your long pregnancy!  Side laying is also an option for some. I know from experience how uncomfortable and sometimes painful pregnancy can be.  Let me help.  For those of you post birth, lets get your bodies back into that symmetry your body longs for.



Massage Descriptions:


jamie kelsch, lmt:

   Licensed in 2010 from the Texas Healing Arts Institute in Austin, Jamie learned many techniques that she still uses today to help people feel better.  Her massages are very detail oriented, relaxing, and therapeutic. She listens intently to each of her clients needs.  Each session includes hot towels applied to your back and one offered after for your face or neck.  You always get the full hands-on time you scheduled. (unless you are late).  Jamie gives almost every client a yoga pose or two to do at home to help with the current issue your body may be experiencing. She also has her own line of jewelry,

Idylwild Jewelry!

Visit this website at:

Try my new Reiki plus Amulet session...Enjoy 60 minutes of Chakra balancing fallowed by a consultation and customized amulet with gemstone healing properties.  Each Amulet is hand crafted. Jamie has been making jewelry since 2000. She now teaches her skills and sells her work at Walnut Creek in Old Town Fort Collins. Info on her classes can be found on "jewelry classes" page.

Jamie's jewelry and bio can be found

idylwild therapy + Jewelry